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Anthony Kellett is a graduate of Cambridge and McGill. He served as a defence analyst at NDHQ for 35 years. He is a renowned historian, international lecturer, and author. Among his books is the internationally-acclaimed “Combat Motivation. The Behavior of Soldiers in Battle.” Since retiring in 2008, he has been a consultant and has written a number of works, including a history of messes in the Canadian army.


Anthony Kellett served in the Royal Canadian Hussars (Montreal) in the 1970’s, ending as as a captain.   He has a deep affinity with the Regiment, and commuted to it for several years after moving to Ottawa. He has collected a number of important regimental artifacts that he has donated to the unit. They include an officer’s sword of the Royal Montreal Cavalry from the War of 1812 – perhaps the oldest purely regimental artifact owned by any unit of the Canadian army – a trooper’s helmet of the 6th Hussars from the 1880s, and a 6th Hussars officer’s sword of about 1900. He is also the principal financial sponsor and one of the volunteer authors that are writing a history of the Montreal Cavalry and the Royal Canadian Hussars, to be published in 2020.



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