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Don’t Worry About Me, I’LL Be OK$78,75 CAD

This is a collection of letters written by a young armoured corps officer about his experiences during the Second World War, first in England, then in Northern Europe. Being the oldest boy in a family that had lost its father to sickness, Byron Laurier Higginson felt responsible for his mother and his siblings. As a result, he became a prolific writer, keeping his mother informed of his activities, trying to maintain her moral, and keeping track of his siblings. He was very much heartbroken when his next-oldest brother was killed in a bombing raid, and he worked hard to console his mother. In England, from 1942 to 1944, he was assigned to one of the reinforcement units and led a very active and interesting social life, much of which he describes in his letters. London was very expensive, so he often wrote home for money. In 1944, shortly after D-Day, he was called up to the front lines as a reinforcement, and serves as a troop leader with Governor General’s Foot Guards, until he was injured in Belgium. Interspersed among the letters are background sections, pictures and maps that allow the reader to understand the context of the letters.

Original English version only.

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