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 Guidons are of crimson silk damask, embroidered and fringed with gold. Tassels and cords are of crimson silk and gold cord mixed. They are 3 feet 5 inches flying to the ends of the points of the swallowtails and 2 feet 3 inches deep on the lance, exclusive of the fringe, which is 2 inches in length. The upper and lower corners of the Guidon are rounded off at 12 inches from the end. The point of the slit is equidistant from the upper and lower edges. The width of the slit at the point of the swallowtails is 13 inches.

The Guidon bears, on both sides, the titles of the Regiment, the white horse of Hanover, the unit designation and 21 of the Regiments’ Battle Honours. Units that have more than 9 distinctive engagements to commemorate are permitted laurel branches or wreaths to circle the center title.

The RCH was recently presented its third Guidon since the Royal Montreal Cavalry were presented with a Guidon by his Excellency the Governor General, the earl of Dalhousie on Waterloo Day in 1828.


Battle Honors

South Africa 1900
First World War   Second World War
Mount Sorrel   Caen
Somme 1916-18   Falaise
Flers-Courcelette   The Liaison
Thiepval   La Schildt
Arras 1917-18   Breskens Pocket
Vimy 1917   The Rhénanie
Hill 70   The Rhin
Ypres 1917   Emmerrich-Hoch Elten
Passchendaele   Zutphen
Bapaume 1918   Deventer
Rosieres   Northwest Europe 1944-45
Scarpe 1918
Hindenburg Line
Canal du Nord
Cambrai 1918
France et Flanders 1915-18
Defence of Canada 1812 to 1815
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