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The Senate is an informal consultative committee established by tradition to act as a sounding board, to collect feedback and provide suggestions to support the commanding officer (CO) with respect to non-operational aspects of regimental life, acceptance of which is at the discretion of the CO, such as, but not limited to:

  • regimental history, customs, traditions, and dress;
  • recommendations for key appointments, such as honoraries;
  • regimental support organizations;
  • regimental ceremonial, mess etiquette and social activities; and
  • any other subjects, projects, or requests expressed by the CO.

The Senate is neither a legal entity nor an integral part of the Canadian Armed Forces.  It neither holds any assets nor accepts any obligations. It does not represent the unit or the military.


The Senate members include the following people:

  • the current honorary colonel (HCol) and honorary lieutenant-colonel (HLCol);
  • the past HCols and HLCols;
  • the current CO, for whose principle benefit the Senate activities are conducted;
  • the past COs of the regiment; and
  • associate members, who would have been recommended to join the Senate and accepted by a simple majority of the other members.



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