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The Montréal Cavalry Institute is a non-profit corporation incorporated under part 3 of the Quebec Corporations Act. It is an incorporated association of former members and friends of the Royal Canadian Hussars who wish to coordinate their efforts in preserving history and helping the unit financially and otherwise. The Institute is independent of the Regiment but it works in close cooperation with the Regiment and the Royal Canadian Hussars Association.


The Institute was originally incorporated in 1935 to own, maintain and operate stables and a riding school adjacent to the Côte-Des-Neiges armoury to allow members of the Regiment to perfect their riding skills and train their horses. Since the use of horses was discontinued in or around 1939, the Institute has taken on a different role, as outlined below.


The mission of the Institute is to:

  • Promote education by publishing books and other types of materials or media designed to educate the community about the personal and collective experiences of unit members and veterans who served in various wars or missions.
  • Protect, preserve, develop and restore significant heritage sites, monuments, historic structures or other historic or heritage artifacts, with a view to commemorating them and raising awareness of their importance.
  • Commemorate the efforts and sacrifices of members of Cavalry Troops, Armored Troops and other mobile military forces by defraying the costs of commemorative items and allocating funds for current or former members to attend commemorative events.
  • Receive and maintain one or more funds and, from time to time, allocate all or a portion of the principal and income generated by such capital to qualified donees as defined in subsection 149.1 (1) of the Tax Act on income (Canada). The Royal Canadian Hussars Unit Fund is a qualified done.



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