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Make a donation and order a copy of the RCH History Book


The Montréal Cavalry Institute would greatly appreciate your financial support. To Make a donation and to order a copy of the RCH History Book, please send a cheque and your information sheet to the following location:

The Montréal Cavalry Institute
Care of: Steven Barrette, Corporate Secretary
652 ave. Westluke
Cote St-Luc, Quebec
H4X 1P7

On the information sheet, you can indicate how you wish that your contribution is used.

The Montréal Cavalry Institute is a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency. The Institute is empowered to issue tax receipts.

While the Institute is Independent of the Royal Canadian Hussars (Montreal), it provides a service whereby it will transmit donations to the Royal Canadian Hussars (Montreal) Unit Fund, which can also issue tax receipts. You can prepare a separate bank check addressed to the Royal Canadian Hussars (Montreal) Unit Fund, or, on your information sheet, you can designate that a portion of your donation is to be transmitted to the Unit Fund. In any case, the Institute will regularly make donations to the Unit Fund.

Order a copy of the RCH History Book


To help finance the cost of printing the history book, the Institute is accepting advance orders. The price for a set including both volumes is $110 plus taxes. Please indicate on the information sheet the number of copies you wish to order.



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