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Principal Project 2016-2023 -Publication of a history book


In 2020, The Montréal Cavalry Institute published the English version of a history book about the Montreal-area cavalry and the Royal Canadian Hussars (Montreal).  The Institute is working towards having a French translation available available no later than the end of 2023.  

Since the publication of such a book is not commercially viable even though the authors worked on a voluntary basis, the Institute financed the costs incurred during the research and writing phase, including research costs, travel, the cost of diagrams, maps, art and pictures, as well as editing and translation costs.  The selling price has been established with a view to recovering only the direct costs of printing and distribution.

Order form and pamphlet describing the book.



For a description of projects completed by the Institute over the past years, please refer to the annual project summaries listed on the Institute’s communications page of this website.

The Board of Directors will consider various projects focussing on the preservation of cavalry and armoured history and traditions.  This could include projects such as the publication and translation of various historical books, the preservation of monuments or other historical articles, support to the Royal Canadian Hussars museum, and support to the Royal Canadian Hussars Unit Fund.



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