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Adjudant-chef Donovan O’Halloran, CD - Sergent-major régimentaire

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Chief Warrant Officer Donovan O’Halloran, CD

Chief Warrant Officer Donovan O’Halloran, CD

Chief Warrant Officer Donovan O’Halloran, CD joined The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada in December of 1987. He was top candidate on his infantry leadership course at the Royal Canadian Regiment Battle School in Petawawa in 1988 and he returned there the following two years to instruct on the RNTP Course. CWO O’Halloran deployed with the United Nations Protection Force in 1994-95, serving as Corporal in an infantry section in the Visoko and Kiseljag regions of Bosnia.

He has, during his career, completed the Basic Mountain Operations, Airborne Indoctrination, Driver, Communicator and Senior Leadership courses. He has instructed on the Small Arms Replacement Program, Basic Infantry, Infantry Communicator, Basic Mountain, and Basic Parachutist courses. He was awarded the Brigade Commander’s Commendation for leading his team in the challenging Special Service Force Ironman competition in 1992. CWO O’Halloran became the first reservist to qualify as Parachute Instructor in Edmonton in 1993. In 1996 he participated in annual training with the affiliated British Regiment, the Royal Green Jackets in Wales. After extensive preparation and training CWO O’Halloran was part of the four man team from the regiment that attempted the climb on Mt Logan in 2010 to celebrate the Regiment’s 150th anniversary.

CWO O’Halloran spent time in Quartermaster Stores, Transport, the Operations Cell, all the companies in the regiment, and as Quartermaster Sergeant Instructor (QMSI) of the regiment. On 6 May 2017 he was appointed Regimental Sergeant Major. He transferred to the RCH in 2020 and appointed as the regimental sergeant-major.

In his civilian life CWO O’Halloran has worked in the fitness, construction and film industries and is currently (2017) a manager with United Messengers Ltd. He is studying Business Management through the Royal Military College’s continuing studies department. CWO O’Halloran is a former member of the Canadian Ski Patrol and enjoys running and playing hockey. Donovan and his wife reside in East York with their children, Dermot and Maeve.



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