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Welcome to the regimental kit shop. The kit shop’s role is to maintain an inventory of articles, such as uniform accoutrements or field gear, for regimental members or for any other person that might be interested.

Sgt Barrette is responsible for the kit shop and it will be a pleasure for him to serve you. Opening hours are the same as the regiment but training will always take priority. Therefore, make sure to contact him to arrange an appropriate time to meet with him. You can send him an email using the contact form; ensure you select ‘kit shop’ in the type of question.

All purchases must be paid cash or with a money order before delivery. No purchases on credit are permitted. If you are located outside the Montreal area, arrangements can be made to ship the articles to you; shipping fees will be extra in these cases.

Kit shop Regimental cap badge (officer)

Regimental cap badge (officer)

25.00 $
Kit shop Regimental cap badge (metal)

Regimental cap badge (metal)

5.00 $
Kit shop Blazer crest

Blazer crest

25.00 $
Kit shop Lapel pin badge

Lapel pin badge

5.00 $
Kit shop Cuff links

Cuff links

20.00 $
Kit shop Cuff links (old)

Cuff links (old)

15.00 $
Kit shop Regimental necktie (100% silk)

Regimental necktie (100% silk)

35.00 $
Kit shop Regimental necktie (polyester)

Regimental necktie (polyester)

15.00 $
Kit shop Regimental bow tie

Regimental bow tie

15.00 $
Kit shop Cumberbund


30.00 $
Kit shop Black/Grey T-Shirt S,M,L,XL

Black/Grey T-Shirt S,M,L,XL

12.00 $
Kit shop Polo S,M,L,XL,XXL


30.00 $
Kit shop OG Tuque

OG Tuque

15.00 $
Kit shop Helmet OG Tuque

Helmet OG Tuque

7.00 $
Kit shop Challenge coin

Challenge coin

20.00 $
Kit shop Scotch glass

Scotch glass

10.00 $
Kit shop Scotch glass (set of 4)

Scotch glass (set of 4)

40.00 $
Kit shop Beer glass

Beer glass

9.00 $
Kit shop Beer glass (set)

Beer glass (set)

20.00 $
Kit shop Thermal cup

Thermal cup

15.00 $
Kit shop Regimental flag

Regimental flag

120.00 $
Kit shop 2013 Regimental picture

2013 Regimental picture

10.00 $
Kit shop Keychains


15.00 $
Kit shop Golf balls (set of 12)

Golf balls (set of 12)

20.00 $
Kit shop Boot twist

Boot twist

3.00 $
Kit shop The Royal Canadian Armoured Corps

The Royal Canadian Armoured Corps

50.00 $



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